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But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention. It opens with the Israelites longing for rain in the midst of a long season of drought. Fields once lush and green left brown, brittle and barren. Parched lips cracked and thirsting desperately for even the tiniest drop of relief.

And while we may not all be able to identify with a drought, most of us can probably testify to going through an incredibly dry season within.


A drought of the soul. We want something or someone to bring us relief. To fill us up and make us feel whole. But anything we turn to instead of God to satisfy us or to save us is an idol. Which brings us back to 1 Kings Elijah challenges the people of Israel to choose whom they will serve — God or Baal. The only stability they would find was the solid foundation of God. Elijah was clearly letting the people know that the time of living on the fence was over. They had to determine whom they would worship. When they say nothing in response, Elijah throws down the gauntlet to King Ahab and the prophets of Baal.

Each side will build an altar, sacrifice a bull and call on their deity to rain down fire and consume the sacrifice. The deity who responds with fire is the one the people will accept as God. The prophets of Baal go first. They prepare their altar. They shout. They dance. They even slash themselves until their blood flows. Reread that last sentence again.

There was no response. No one answered. No one even paid attention. No booming response. Not even one drop of rain to ease the land or one spark of flame to ignite their offering. Instead, there was only silence. Elijah then ups the stakes by having the altar of the Lord doused repeatedly in water in order to magnify the grandeur and supremacy of the God of Israel.

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Then God does what only He can do. He sends a consuming bolt of fire and dramatically devours the altar Elijah had prepared. The people of Israel repent, and the prophets of Baal are slaughtered. All because the one true God — our God — made Himself known that day. Oh, friends. This passage holds such a strong warning for us. Especially when we find ourselves in a drought season, longing for relief — the reminder that no other god will do.

No person, possession, profession or pain-relieving substance will ever fill the cup of a wounded, empty heart — not my heart, not your heart. Our God who responds. Our God who answers. Our God who always pays attention. You and You alone are worthy of my worship and my praise. And so, I fix my eyes on You. Confessing I want You to be the One who reigns in my life. Asking You to rain down fresh hope on my heart. They are heroic and holy survival stories waiting to be told! My diagnosis felt like one more thing to add to the stack of heartbreaking circumstances I was facing.

How do you just get in your car and drive away from an appointment like that?

How to Write a Devotional: The Ultimate Guide

How do you keep living and doing normal things when a word like cancer has just become a new reality that will make so much not normal for a long while? If we were having coffee today, I would take your hand and whisper these things from my heart to yours. There will be both tears and fears you have to wrestle through. Remember feelings are indicators not dictators.

Your feelings indicate there are important things to process.

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  8. Talk to some women who have been through your same treatment plan. Have them make suggestions of what supplies and equipment they found especially helpful during recovery. And have them make recommendations of what kind of help they received from others that was most beneficial. Surround yourself with people who will really be there for you and who are willing to help meet practical needs. Designate a point person who can navigate those offering to help.