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Everything we do is based on how college coaches actually recruit. College coaches are recruiting YOU, not us. Our job is to help you identify your skill level, create your recruiting game plan, help you execute that game plan, and then be there as a guide and consultant during the entire journey! How do you know how colleges recruit? Our process comes from years of being on the other side of the recruiting fence.

His knowledge and experiences, including close connections with current coaches, forms the foundation of our program. How do you help potential recruits remotely? We help you create an individualized recruiting plan based on your current skill level. We serve you as a guide and consultant to provide support as you are executing the plan, help you make adjustments as necessary, and answer any questions that come up.

Absolutely not! So many services out there give people the high-pressured sales tactic to get them to buy their high-priced products. Then, small and mid-majors start to commit players at the end of their Sophomore year and as Juniors and Seniors. Should my son attend certain camps or showcases?

Getting Recruited to Play College Baseball: A Practical Guide

Unfortunately, most families are throwing money at camps hoping it is a good camp to go to without truly knowing. One of the best and cost-effective parts of our service is the fact you can ask us any question. This includes: is this camp, showcase, or team going to help my son get to the next level? What other ways do you help on the recruiting journey? Our video analysis and hitting progression plan has become very popular. With it, you will receive 4 sessions which can be utilized at any point during the year.

We will analyze your video and give you specific drills you can utilize.

Everything you need to know about women's swimming recruiting

Each analysis will be a stepping stone on the analysis before. This will help create a very powerful, efficient swing that will work at a high level. After you have utilized your 4 video sessions, you have the opportunity to purchase more. Okay, I'm ready to sign up. What's next? Then you can set up your initial video call or phone call with us to create your game plan. The 5 contact days must be the same for all levels within a sport program.

Unrestricted school contact days are open to any and all interested students in your school from the last day of school to July They are not allowed during the school year. Unrestricted school football coaching contact must end on July 27, in order to meet the dead week rule. Football must follow the acclimatization plan if school resources are used. Use of school support and facilities must be done in the same manner as any other non-school group such as 4-H, boy scouts, or local rotary.

Unlimited contact is open to any and all interested students in your community and other communities along with being voluntary.

Eligibility Rules & Forms

During the summer and school year out of season, athletes may assemble in any manner they wish without school or coach involvement other than the five contact days. The booster club is considered non-school. Unlimited Non-School Contact all sports except football. Open to any and all interested students in your community and other communities.

School facilities must be contracted for in accordance with your school district policies. Summer Last day of school until first day of school in the fall. There are no restrictions as to the number of athletes from the same school allowed on a given team.

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School Year First day of school until last day of school. During the school year, you may only use your athletes as clinicians during the sport season. In the summertime, a school may conduct a clinic for students in grade 8 and below, where high school varsity and junior varsity coaches may use some or all of their athletes as clinicians.

Individual students may be used as clinicians a maximum of 6 days during the summer when school is not in session. Using students as clinicians in such a manner must conclude no later than July 31 except FB must comply with the dead period. For baseball, does that mean a coach can throw bp as long he doesn't coach or advise or anything like that?

Baseball coaches may throw with players, but not catch the pitcher from a catcher's stance. Baseball coaches may hit in the batting cage, but may not pitch batting practice or drop balls into the pitching machine.

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  6. Baseball coaches may field ground balls, but may not hit ground balls. If it looks like a baseball drill, the coach may not do it. Recreate is not doing drills.

    Recruiting in your hands. Tools and advice to find the right fit.

    Recreate is playing. I was wondering if it would be permissible that if I were to win any cash prize, that I could accept only the amount of entry for the race? Thus, since the Association does not presently sponsor interscholastic cycling amateur status restrictions do not apply to your cycling achievements. There will be prize money at the end of the bowling season which will be the second week of April. What is his eligibility or penalty if he participates up to the beginning of the season, or during the season?

    Athletic Directors

    He is under 18 and his parents have signed a USBC waiver? Thus, since the Association does not presently sponsor interscholastic bowling amateur status restrictions do not apply. We would like to highlight two area high school athletes. There will obviously be no compensation, just an interview and photos. Do you foresee any problems or violations? Your concerns may revolve around amateur status.

    Athletes may not appear in ads promoting a publication, product, or service whether they receive compensation or not. I have two students athletes that work for me, and I don't want it to affect their track eligibility. They both own jerseys with our store name on them already, so they will not be receiving any prizes or benefit from running on the team. Please let me know if they can run on the store team for this event without making them ineligible for the track season. They may compete on the team, but cannot receive any benefits other than a trophy, etc.

    They could wear the t-shirts, but you would want to refrain from using any photos with them in any advertising. The club wanted to ask to make sure that if they scholarship her fees, that she does not lose amateur status. So long as any student who wants to have fees paid for the opportunity can also get reimbursed. Athletes may only have reimbursement for actual and necessary costs associated with transportation, food, lodging and entry fees paid in connection with playing a contest. This opportunity may not be a "benefit" based on performance, e.

    My response is that if the private party wants to purchase them for any girl in our school who would be interested in them it would be ok. Just for the varsity girls basketball team would not be allowed. Am I correct? Then they said what if the private party donated the money to the basketball booster club and the club purchased the shoes for the team? My response was that I would not allow it because I viewed it as a way of skirting the rule. Am I correct there as well? If the private group the booster club is not considered school wanted to purchase the shoes and gift them to the school, the school could issue them as part of the uniform.

    At the end of the season, the school could sell them to the players for a reasonable not outrageous price or the school should keep them. All conference girls teams will play that day. I was going to have a couple of players from the corresponding boys teams compete in a 3 pt.

    ARMS Software | The NEW POSSIBLE in College Athletics

    Is that ok? Our Rules of Eligibility page 37 of the WIAA Handbook state a student becomes ineligible in a sport for the remainder of the season for competing in nonschool game, meet, or contest in the same sport during the season of practice or competition established by the school ROE, VIA.

    A student may not receive such merchandise items as shirts, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, jerseys, warm-ups, equipment, balls, duffel bags, backpacks, watches, rings, billfolds, coupons, gift certificates, e. I believe every school that has students fill out the forms receives one boys winner and one girls winner.