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What is World War Hulk?

Meanwhile, the Hulk decides to spare the Illuminati, but says that he will destroy New York City and leave them to their shame. As soon as his decision is made, the Sentry arrives and attacks the Hulk.

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This attack destroys the stadium, so the heroes and the Warbound team up to save the civilians still in the stadium. The Sentry unleashes his full power against the Hulk, but so much energy is used in the battle that the two revert to their human forms. Bruce Banner hits Robert Reynolds with a weak punch, causing Rob to collapse. Miek screams about how the Hulk is not done exacting his revenge, and charges at Banner.

Rick Jones , however, pushes Banner aside and is impaled instead, causing Banner to once again transform into The Hulk.

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The Hulk punches Miek aside, only for Miek to reveal that he was the cause of the mass deaths on Sakaar. He knew that the ship had been rigged to explode by the Red King , but did not tell the Hulk, reminding him that he is a warrior, not a peacemaker. He is then killed by the Hulk, who becomes so enraged that his footsteps begin to destroy the Earth. Tony Stark then uses a device that nullifies gamma radiation to defeat him. It is later revealed that the Hulk has been kept in a coma in an underground base along with his Warbound members. Then, on Sakaar, a long-haired figure rises from the planet's surface.

This is Skaar , the son of the Hulk. The originally announced shipping schedule was updated on May 21st, [2] to include additional titles, delays, and the cancellation of the one-shot World War Hulk: Young Avengers [3]. The situation was stated to be an Omega Level Threat designating both Hulk and his invasion. While Hulk was battling in the streets, S. Wakandan agent Derek Khanata stated that there was "a Class Omega situation" going on.

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Comic Book Resources. Retrieved September 18, World War Hulk. Marvel Comics crossover event publication history. December Stan Lee Jack Kirby. Iron Man. Hulk J. Edwin Jarvis Pepper Potts S.

World War Hulk

Iron Man Experience. Mighty Avengers. New Avengers. Brian Michael Bendis David Finch.

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And without wishing to give any spoilers away, the ending does leave the door open for a World War Hulk Two — but frankly, maybe Marvel should look elsewhere for its next all-encompassing blockbuster. Although a graphic novel showing Doctor Doom, Mystique and Green Goblin really got up to while sunning themselves in Lanzarote might not be such a bad idea. View the discussion thread. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. World War Hulk review Another of Marvel's crossover events makes its way into trade paperback form - the Hulk is very, very angry Jul 30, Sponsored Links.

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