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Four Week Quiz B. Help your students subtract with confidence by sharing two different strategies.

Lesson Planning: What is Required?

Exploring the Narrative. Teach your students to entertain readers with narrative writing. This lesson will help your students understand the genre, the different parts of a story, and elements such as character, setting, and conflict. It's Raining Idioms! Idioms will be a piece of cake when students finish this fun lesson! Students practice illustrating and explaining common idioms. The theme applies to everyone! Use this interactive lesson to teach your students how to find the theme of a fictional text.

Close Reading: Introduction. Help your students absorb the details of a text and make inferences about what they read with the strategy of close reading. By reading closely, students will become better able to understand complex themes and nuances in a text. Elements of Poetry. Introduce your students to some of the major structural elements of poetry in this comprehensive lesson.

Help students learn about descriptive writing with this engaging lesson. Poetry, Prose, and Drama, Oh My! Nourish your child's inner writer with this lesson on three different forms of literature: poetry, prose, and drama. After going through some examples of each, students will demonstrate their knowledge by filling out bubble maps. Evaluating Equivalent Fractions. Students will practice coming up with equivalent fractions in a fast paced challenge! This is an introductory lesson to equivalent fractions.

Sub Plans for Fourth Grade.

1984 Fun Activities

Planning for a substitute teacher in the classroom has never been easier than with this week-long sub packet for fourth grade! Your substitute can supercharge learning with lessons that will educate and inspire your students! Addition with Regrouping. In this lesson, students will add three-digit numbers using expanded form addition and standard algorithm addition.

They'll explain their answers and highlight the steps for each of the strategies. Compare and Contrast Short Stories. By fourth grade, most students are familiar with story elements such as setting, characters, and plot. In this lesson, students will compare and contrast the elements in two stories with similar themes. Choose an Account to Log In Google accounts. Facebook accounts.

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    Please send me messages about the following select all that apply :. Customer Surveys. Assignment Notifications. Write a journal entry describing a typical day for you and your family. The relationship between the adult and the children should come through, mentioning worries that the adult has in relation to each child. They could also mention disputes they have had when a child wanted to do something that the adult did not allow, and how those were resolved. Other members of the household such as a spouse may also play a large part in the journal entry.

    Part 2 goes on to consider the concept of being under observation 24 hours a day. Bright Hub Education. Skip to content.