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To my friend Todd White who I used to Jujitsu with who is now head instructor of John Jacque Machado Todd White YouTube Academy in Austin Texas he's also a brilliant artists super famous artist and he sent me this cuz it's beautiful it's every-night sis great Scotch whiskey. I'm just waiting by the way I go to your mom's house whenever I want to know what kind of weird now it says his foot around the internet who's eating shit dude is Garth fucking Brooks oh my gosh, Christina.

Cheers to this what is it called. Wow Brad you and your fake news hey will you say bird is 53 no no no no no razor Joe friends photos with you I don't know they changed his birthday in Wikipedia and everything.

I'll also by the way people are happy about that really looks good and you try to cuz you're like hey man I'm not the highest spread some stuff about you oh no shit you fucking asshole or just spent about another are you sure how you lost so much weight and still manage to have that belly does it make sense to me what is what I love what I love about it by the way will validate the Mickey Mantle Jane is doing a lot of shows I want to drive them away completely I was thinking about how much fun would you have had back in the day I really think stand-up was totally globally different.

I didn't where you have to wear with you being sober and I did the bus this weekend I fucking loved it to have the bus I did I like a lot of us pretty, yeah not wearing a seatbelt bitch that's true there like that run through January April what would you feel like if you listen to my voice and you heard in your head the moment your face was hitting the LC ice cream in it that would suck the moment you were flying towards the screen I remember this moment I did not potable speed and I was going to do just fucking take the day off and fly.

What do you think I fell asleep part of you that we're not going to be tied into this that's rude I feel like I don't I don't have a meter love meter Bert. Almost dying so oh so tired like run to top of hill. That was not what she even brought up that was not the composition of. I have to be honest as humble as I try to be if she said oh Joe Rogan comedian Joe Rogan I be like she likes me she's like to see this fucking name on my board I'd like to know what actually that's cool I'm going to keep you guys on there do you understand that we got better as a score in terms of how well we did in comparison to most people with 0.

I told him how we all went. Great to see you for my daughter's softball team 5 gallons.

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Bro welcome to fucking drugs that's what I picture re Big League Chew laying pipe choo choo. I kept many I can't manger where the sucking that the strap while it was fucken I didn't you did. I wasn't completely surprised really yeah I was happy I was happy I was happy that you you showed me. I always like we've been friends for a long time and I've always said like Hardee's just got this like very strong mind like you if you're not you know you're not a guy who gives up on shit in your guy who thinks through things we've had many comments about that those last few days I was like I think if I can get like right after they go to sleep bunch of points and then right after wake Brightwood have another bunch of points which is like in the beginning of my end of my night I could break them mentally I can get like above them think I just got them yeah the 29th of October yeah you got deep you got pretty deep you got in you went to mean there was one day that you ran 15 miles that I posted that on my Instagram I was like do you understand that already didn't work out for 10 years he ran 15 miles and then he rode elliptical but yeah.

I thought you were not coming in I didn't know why I was like I don't get it though, but I didn't shut it you're very distinct everybody everybody can do an impression basically just a yes of course are the first person I've ever heard it was red band. I don't know I really don't mean like the alcohol cook a better wrestler Copacabana who is the first-ever The Godfather was he the first yeah but but but what I was doing it for a while before like I did last time tomorrow at president we're all professional comedians most professional politicians would be able to tell you who the first fucking president was no idea.

I think Charlie was gervase he was up he was like yes I would argue that. Illinois expired by me what did you think of it gets the credit for I believe I did the name podcast the name another guy was like a science Tech Guy some guy named Devore he was a way before this gets tricky as podcast were released on MySpace do enough of phones called podcast podcast podcast. I want to call the big ass Stadium to her it's just sitting too or above is all the information on it but we talked about the days we're going to introduce five cities Before Christmas to go on sale because I'm inside Studio G you guys ask for a longer planning date so you can plan to be in to show me Jamie.

Phoenix Glendale Arizona Christmas and remember this is all about game day or Garth day. Yearwood I took my wife slapped the further you know just cuz I'm just like y'all to her for a while okay go ahead he's just he's just I think he's very sincere I believe it but there's something fucking weird going on there and I think he's got a couple bodies in the trunk I just don't I think there's something going on I think it's somebody you know how how there's something about like when you watch me where are you remember back to Michael Jackson and you're like like I got weird for obviously but also how in comprehensible is it to be as famous as he is or was Michael Jackson Garth Brooks laich for me the part that's that's a reach or whatever is that none of my friends are over like a men do you like new Garth Brooks track like I don't have anyone in my life talking about him.

Relax have a couple Tequila's in you I can appreciate some Hank Williams stuff I'm not knocking somebody that regularly or that I even talk to someone like going to Garth Brooks's way and then generoso Waylon Jennings his social media is that special it is remarkable. I wear things that are just because I'm eating but you don't like that you dress specifically which there's no shirt and I just totally thought yeah I don't wear shirt yet oh my God is doing that one other guys right by your official influencer how about the Stars Network sponsors of Chip and Dale, D net worth every week is it a loose loose never buttoned yeah I want loose I don't want I want my my all the muscles to be covered everything to be like.

I know that you loved it. Let me know how the test probably a ton of real surfing instructors.

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I got a flat Oklahoma I can shoot a fake store for a month and got quite for sure. I grew that till this point I always thought then I was the most vaulted but the way you talk makes me think he said you might also be having my understanding of life with someone share something with you.

Just dies with you if you tell me that that dies with me I will never betray you 12 years ago there's different levels of people telling you something and their stuff we're like you make the judgement your like this some bullshit. Opened up about some shit that I was like okay I don't I can't be responsible for this just based on my own personal judgment cuz I don't I don't understand this. You don't care about it other than you because it seems like I'm going to say it anyway maybe you should never tell anyone what your wife want to hear about your nose you don't want to hear about it but just from your point of view for a second it seems like you're worried about telling these guys take right now you being able to say nosey Jews such a beautiful thing because I know that we're nosy brown people.

I've literally grew up from 15 to 21 around a ton of Korean people last week I was around town of Asian people they're worth work ethic is insane grade school and George and I would have a hard time doing homework with Leanne and one time one of the creative moms goes why you just switch out that's what we do we never do homework with our children our children won't give us what they need but don't give a stranger with a need or switching up and doing the moms were waiting for kids are Next Level next level.

Yes sir I do not pressed come on over it's already on I'll just say this I was Joe you showed us definitely what time it was second place and re you definitely got that so congratulations to you re but Joe you're better I hear you're in better shape than the three I think that how to factor that was certainly a part of it how much energy get put out where I put it in the man will work their ass off but it's all about trt or not even hahaha hahaha they have chemicals know you had doctors tell you that on it a hundred percent yeah I've had several. I say why don't we do something it would be fun I love this idea already and they're all of us I know what it is until someone dies no I mean it's World War going to Vegas at a boxing fight would be fun yeah okay would be the most fun decrease the level of happiness I have in my life or metric show you what year would you be if it was a bird dying Kris the levels that are you can't you can't deny that you are very proud of yourself for your your performance this month because in my opinion this is I'm being a hundred percent of jective your your performance was the most impressive a surprise she has my whole life when I saw you just all the sudden thank you I appreciate that one day.

The other guy who is already in first place cuz you fucking duct out deep yeah and when you started when I'm done I could do this pretty hard to stand where you come from okay what did I see Florida. I really do like Monty Surf City surf surf travel what is that do you think you'll be good at it so he doesn't get it is when I first start doing yoga I was amazed at how shity I was at a yeah I was surprised I didn't think I would be getting it and I was where was this a 50 each other's piss wants to drink your piss.

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I don't know if birds will can be broken has it been broken before it's not his will it's the discipline aspect see when you're dealing with an entire month 31 days of having to get after it so how often do you get after it normally see that's the thing the difference between me and Bert is I workout almost everyday already so for me it's just like those days off don't exist anymore so what I've decided to do on my days off just do shit that I wouldn't normally do so I'll do the elliptical machine for 2 hours or I'll do something else I just I'll do something else but the whole time I'm thinking I'm going to break Bert I'm going to break my heart.

I'm going to turn around to go to the darkness can I just say this that we all use Bert as a motivation like I don't want him to beat me yeah but but fucking lost in this you got to understand I got real real serious anxiety when you got sick at know when I realize I could never recover if I got worse I'd be like I'm super sorry I would but whatever it is I was getting better and I thought I might lose you. Got real anxiety about yeah I got super nervous yeah but what kills me is that what you put a video I was out what it was or what was early it was like where do I put the belt.

I would never lie to you about any one thing I didn't hit you up and I was like I'm for real out of my children dude and here's what you believe in what I believe him and there was still a part of my brain that was like make sure just yet I would never do that it was a separate thought though it wasn't that I didn't think you were lying but I still was like my brain would not allow me to just I know you did I did I saw it and I went I can't believe you didn't believe me believe you I believe you I was just like you can't be so stupid to believe in fully kind of I was like what if what if he was lying he said no he sounded so sincere.

George called that morning but that there's two I would never know what I will never make an excuse that morning and I just got out of spin class and I was going for a 12 mile run in my head I was like I'm set I'm putting clothes on Georgia text and said daddy-daughter lunch in at school at 11 and you need to be there at 9 to help set up and I was like fuck and in my head I just all I did was wantonly wanted are his life right didn't have any responsibilities I was like but I texted everyone that at that moment I was like I'm out I'm not got softball practice and luncheon and I dude in that middle at lunch and I was like.

I was worried about re I was worried about last day when we had a picture so do you believe in miracles might just want to fuck her store and points at that point where you going to put in a little bit you would laugh so if you beat me what did you go through yeah yeah I respect all of us would you at what week is it crazy to be let us know that you finished th I think th in the country in the world in the world of registered users other people. I would say is there a liquor at least have that thing with oxycontin's in Florida were you get a subscription or prescription from one guy that go down Friday then they developed database that chest strap and teach a hundred fucking spin classes a day should we do one more cocktail we going to eat ya 20 we're good for fire College.

I cannot drink for a month right when we started this whole thing I thought I couldn't do it because of what do you think will happen to you on your tour next year you think it'll go well so I'm saying as far as your late-night stuff I don't know it's been 3 days or whatever but like just in the like things that would trigger me of like I'm in an airport Ash of a cocktail and I can totally fly sober I don't know man I really don't know you know me I'll be really honest listening or yard the yearly can take a month off and I've been dealing with a lot lately I haven't Skyped Tyson Fury you know who has used to be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world and where.

Sounds like I might be done that was a Sunday I got back in town Saturday about you got about that with me but I was like I might be done what do you use to look like this is what it looks like now I take care of this great white. I the whole time I would see her look down see how far I ran to be like for honor points son of points so just keep running man just keep running keep running yeah I guess it's my turn to feel to feel and I don't know why because we had a chance to beat him if you just did like without no no no no no no mad when you don't play to win at dude I looked at is it a win-win situation.

Pier One first-class ticket alright I'll be on say I love Australia I've been put on your phone please and kill yourselves now I can't I went to do with a leather while I'm in Atlanta shooting this movie this fucking guys like I'm at the starting line where's Tom he knows where I'm fucking at he's like you're in Atlanta you're in Atlanta change the rules he's like he's supposed to be here the night before Frozen videos.

Hey guys I'm sorry Tommy is not going to be. Deborah pledge to the sick kids use started favorite one six children who died and were able to L A Children's Hospital Los Angeles the gofundme. Trust us somebody said wait did you have to get rid of it isn't even know if we said this last year but I had since I told him that I ran into him the night before the next day we're going to 15th class my phone reason is Joe and he goes are you in a white Lamborghini yeah and he was gay right in front of me since you told me you got a Lamborghini I assume that this.

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You know I don't want anyone win you win. I would say I should have a full Jose Canseco Wikipedia say that my vote should carry some extra weight and I'm saying but it's really like to go to Chiang Mai Thailand watch some fucking kickbox and Fidelity of the part where you would all enjoy your type of thing also tell sure. No no no I will drink it drink it drink kombucha pissed but wait wait no I'm not I'm not drinking piss.

I lost me and then I don't know what that will be but it should be a street you don't have a room or we can get a giant round trip tickets and 10 for fans that listen and then you buy those about the dog if we do we do Madison Square Garden New York. Madison Square Garden I'll pay for the property tax rate in sun while taking over the proper tip to give us I'll meet I'll meet you guys at JFK just the three of us how surprising was this month hardcore for me it was very very surprising I can't be surprising to you though we're went it went so competitive they got so crazy but it was still like I could maybe catch him if you stop there when you wanted a hunting trip when you said I'm not going to work out for next 5 days we were all like oh we got a chance to pass him and then when you worked at all that's over fucked but like it was surprising that we kept fighting the whole way now that was one time that I went to Vegas for the UFC I took 3 days off and I came back and I was in last place I was like whoa and then Bert you help me there too cuz you tweeted that tweet.

Bobby goes why would you ever do that I go snowman and he goes no I don't think you know Joe I don't know I definitely know Joe you never taught him and then happened to the cruise I was like I think I fucked up man you told you he told you the stupid dude. That's why we can all go and surf together like we did with the hot yoga but we're all try to catch better waves monsters are real we would have to enlist and Kelly Slater's surf camp for whatever they got this we got this I like that you guys are idiots I can spend 5 days on this Earth.

It should get your mind you start getting angry at 7 no one else who cares about all the comments don't look at lights dont looking at it but I guess what they that I would. Do what you need to do is a shift at and go like what are my positives order my negatives yeah it's the same as a podcast man there's no difference in Instagram in a podcast there's no difference why because it's information man is sharing cool shell but it's what you're looking at but I feel like sometimes you haven't been the fan that may be outside or has the person listen this right now goes to.

Like when you do Instagram Instagram you did about you eating drugs and smoking and drinking made me giggle. I don't have to be there looking at the responses admitted by middle of the impulse to look at the responses and 10 gauge probably kill yourself and they said it hundred sixty-eight lights a lot of lights for a comment and then he said some people like how dare you you don't know that guy he's like how you just I'll just bring it down to the responses on fucking Instagram dude that what did that whole it's that that whole thing but I do not have people just block people yeah you don't just like just yet you never mind out there they just don't they don't feel good and they want you to feel shity to even if they're right about some things the way they address it is what the problem is.

I like watching his life like I'm just Cam Newton man he does running videos next to the car and I go I got to get out there do something there's me and Cameron Hayes or Cam Newton. I can't believe we did this much working out you guys that's fucking nuts trying to talk to you now and think about how much more weight would seriously be going out because he doesn't work as it could be mine by Sara Bareilles you think good tap out someone first and I have no training has the most training and you could do something to me but if I could stop you from doing that I would for sure but you understand what's happening probably offend people.

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