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Netanyahu 'told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war'

But I will give it one hell of a shot.

Would he continue his rogue line? Did he support a two-state solution? What I would love to do is to, a lot of people are saying that.

Later in the same interview, however, he offered the basic U. Days after he was elected president, Trump again mentioned a desire to bring peace, seeing it as the apotheosis of his dealmaker reputation. I think people are tired now of being shot, killed. At some point, when do they come? I think we can do that.

I have reason to believe I can do that. Trump and Friedman both also vowed to move the U. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a long-running wish of Israeli leaders that Palestinians have said would destroy the peace process. Trump continued along the same road in February. He first refused to take an official stance on Israeli settlements in the West Bank, reversing longstanding American policy of opposing new settlements. That cheered the Israeli right but rattled the international community, Palestinians, and liberal Israelis.

Two weeks later, he went even further, saying he had no particular commitment to the two-state solution. Netanyahu said he valued the US president's dedication to the advancement of the peace process and promised he would be willing to make some compromises. He refused to concede, however, to Obama's reiteration of his proposal for Israeli and Palestinian territorial lines to be returned to where they were prior to the Arab-Israeli war.

In his speech Thursday, Obama said the United States supports a creation of a Palestinian state based on the borderlines that existed before the war, in which Israeli forces occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. The United States has shared a close relationship with Israel in recent years, but Netanyahu's remarks suggest that the new US push for peace in the Middle East had yielded a deep divide.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Obama’s Legacy

A senior spokesman for Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas responded to Netanyahu's comments on Friday by calling on Obama to put more pressure on Israel to accept his plan for a Palestinian state. However, Israel is upset about his Mideast peace proposals. US President Barack Obama has the chance to outline Washington's support for democracy and lay out his own vision for a "reset" with the Arab world this week at a time of upheaval in the Middle East and pressure at home. This is the seventh and final part of his diary.

There is more at stake than whether Benjamin Netanyahu will secure himself another term. It could also decide whether a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians is still a viable option, Rainer Sollich writes.

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During that campaign, the prime minister disavowed his support for the two-state solution. Adding to the urgency of the debate, officials said, is a mounting American concern that a continued expansion of Jewish settlements in a swath of territory in the West Bank known as Area C will soon make a geographically and politically viable Palestinian state impossible.

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Middle East peace initiatives have long had appeal for late-term presidents. Ronald Reagan opened a dialogue with the Palestine Liberation Organization during his final months in office. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both made last-ditch attempts to broker peace deals in their last years in office.

Netanyahu on the Middle East peace process - msnbc - Andrea Mitchell Reports | NBC News

Any new effort by Mr. Obama would bear a host of uncertain political ramifications in an election year. While the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, has declared that she would pursue a peace accord as president, she might not welcome having to take a position on a Security Council resolution that is viewed as putting pressure on Israel. Trump, has pledged to take a neutral stance in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Yet all these qualms, officials said, could take a back seat to Mr. Among the questions the White House is considering is how long to wait. Deferring action until after the November election would ease the political pressure on the Democratic nominee. But it would shorten the time to build international support for a resolution. In Jerusalem, Israeli officials refused to comment on any possible moves by Mr. But they reiterated their long-held position that the only way to reach any agreement with the Palestinians was through bilateral negotiations, not international organizations.