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My son worked in Paris for seven years, and during that time, I got to know France well. I have visited New Caledonia on several occasions while my husband was working for a company based there; and later when my son was involved in business negotiations on the Territory with the French government. It was very exciting for me to have my play chosen for participation in the Short and Sweet Festival in To see actors interpret my work on stage was extremely challenging—but satisfying. A rewarding time.

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I continue to be President of the Australian Haiku Society, a society which keeps haiku poets informed about events taking place in the haiku world, including competitions and opportunities for publishing. Could you tell us something about the magazine you publish? What is its concept and what are the contents cultural Haiku Xpressions Magazine? As Editor of Haiku Xpressions for the past five years, I have been pleased to be able to offer publishing opportunities to poets within Australia and internationally.

Haiku Xpressions is a two-page spread within FreeXpresSion magazine, and publishes quality haiku, haiga and haibun. Some have gone on to succeed in various international competitions. Are you satisfied with the new Editorial team and the new members of Haiku Xpressions Magazine? I have a constructive and professional relationship with Peter Pike, managing editor of FreeXpresSion magazine. We collaborate in a fruitful way and assist one another in the running of the annual FreeXpresSion haiku competition which continues to be a great success, attracting entries from around the world.

What can you tell us about your work, prizes, journeys and friendships? My short stories have appeared in national magazines and been broadcast on National Community Radio. My poetry can be read in literary journals in Australia and overseas.

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  5. The Prairie Adventure of Sarah and Annie, Blizzard Survivors (Historys Kid Heroes).

I am a member of the Red Dragonflies group which workshops haiku and have many friends who are poets and writers. Do you think you have outwitted the expectations? There are always challenges ahead. Life would be boring if this were not the case! How do you manage all that with so much work that you do? Do you have time for yourself? What inspires you?

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I continue to write novels in whatever spare time I have. The creative process inspires me. Even though I have a basic plot when writing a novel, I never really know how the characters will develop and change. Of course, I enjoy reading but writing a book can be as exciting as reading a book. Is there anything that you could pinpoint and tell us about yourself between the dream and reality?

Keep following your dream. Even during the hard times, when you think it is all too difficult, it is important to persist, to continue to strive. The journey is just as rewarding as the destination. They land on an island from where Genna is taken by yacht to New Caledonia.

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Eventually, Genna discovers that the orders have been given by her grandfather. Genna and her friends are now grown up and involved in careers or tertiary studies.

As a result, the school-book humour of the first novel in the series gives way to a more sophisticated, situation-based type of comedy. It turns out that Hetty has probably organised the sit-in for selfish reasons, for a Psych III assignment; Elisabeth is the most forthcoming with apologies, which she dishes out in a seeming torrent. The talk is of boyfriends past and present, and especially of the French lecturer Pascal Manet.

This forced return at the behest of Jacques Forestier enables Genna to sort through the important relationships in her life, especially that with her grandfather, and with her birth mother, and eventually with Namilly, her adoptive mother back in Ravella. We must wait until the end to find out the answer to this question, and the suspense is reinforced by the long line of men—some of them from her past—Genna meets and has to deal with along the way.

But the fact that Genna holds onto the clasp against all odds, even nearly drowning in the process, points to its role as an important emblem or amulet in the narrative structure.

  • A Young Adult Novel: My French Barrette.
  • Award Winning Australian Author;
  • Cynthia Rowe is particularly good with dialogue. She is able to capture perfectly the cadences and to-and-fro-ing of conversation between adolescents; and later on between Genna and the adults in her life. In pace with her growing maturity, her ability to discourse in a more adult fashion becomes more and more obvious as the novel progresses. The dialogue serves to further the action as well as to underline character and create humour as in the following early example:. The book ends on a romantic note, which would appeal to a young adult reader.

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