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So it turns out unicorns might be real.

Pratchett is loved by millions for very good reason. Yes, you will hear that it's all a clever satire on politics, but this readable classic is a great story as well. Classic books for children are not often read in the original any longer, because what was once considered normal vocabulary is now surprisingly difficult. Thank you, education experts. Yet somehow, old Gulliver survives. Swift gave us the word "Lilliputian" and another I like even more: "Brobdingnagian". Better known for his wonderful Arthurian work for children, The Once and Future King, this book by White involves the very same Lilliputians that tied Gulliver to the ground.

This time, they are discovered on an island by a lonely little girl named Maria. It is a touch of wonder and magic in her life, as she tries to keep them safe from her governess and an evil vicar who want to exploit the Lilliputians for profit. As you would expect from someone of TH White's stature, this is an exciting, witty adventure suitable for year olds.

I don't think these charming little people ever gave anything back, but "The Thieves" would not have become such a family favourite, I'm sure. This is an early example of what Douglas Adams called "the old five books to a trilogy ploy".

100 Creepy Little Creature Stories

It involves the Clock family of Borrowers living under floorboards and coming into contact with the "Boy" and the world of "Human Beans". The key here is the cupboard itself, which brings toy figures to life.

Personally, I would not have stopped with a few plastic figures. My hamsters dropped like flies when I was a boy and they'd have been straight in there for a spruce up. This American series was very similar to The Borrowers, though the main characters are quite mouse-like.

As near as makes no odds, they are mice with human intelligence. Around 16 sequels followed, so if you like the first one, you're onto a winner. A completely different type to his first little folk, as these are blue and say "Jings! Small people with a bit of bite — or at least the danger of running straight up your trouserleg. The Nac Mac Feegles, as they are known, are another wonderful creation — and a way into the Discworld series for younger children. Attributed to various authors over the years, but the earliest known version is from the 16th century and has a reasonable claim to being the first English fairytale in print.

It's a certainty that many of the books on this list took inspiration from those before, but this is the first one, a tale of Merlin using magic to create a tiny boy for a childless couple. Pleasant adventures follow, such as falling into a pudding bowl, as well as less pleasant ones, such as passing through the digestive tract of a cow or being puked up by a giant.

Noongars are the main aboriginal tribe of Australia's southwest, and in their lore the woodarjee are mischievous, sometimes violent little people. My encounter happened in Perth in the suburb of Coolongup in the s when I was about 6 years old. My brother, cousins, and I were playing in blackboy bushland grass tree or Xanthorrhoea and I was hiding from them. I heard a rustling noise to my right and looked over to see a small aboriginal man about ten feet away from me.

He was about 13 inches tall with a bushy beard and wearing nothing but a loincloth.

6 creatures from fairy tales that actually roamed the Earth.

I assume he was hunting as he had a spear notched to his woomera a spear throwing tool and I might have disturbed him. He looked at me with angry eyes and threw his spear, which sank into my foot before he, the spear, and the hole in my foot vanished.

Only the Noongars believe me. When I was 6 years old, I'd just moved from England to Canada.

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One night I woke up and saw 6 or 7 little men. They seemed so friendly and asked me about all my toys on the floor and what they did. But what amused them the most was my Softoy bunny rabbit at the end of my bed. When I showed them that it had a zipper and that's where my pajamas were kept, well, they just cracked up.

They stayed awhile, but my greatest memory of them is how happy they were. And I will always treasure that. I do believe in fairies. My daughters and I rented a trailer in El Cajon, California in One morning we were all eating breakfast in the kitchen, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a fairy floating in the air.

Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes

It was a female about three feet in height sprinkling gold dust all around her. At the same time, my oldest daughter said, "Mommy , mommy, there is a fairy sprinkling gold dust everywhere over by the window. My daughters and I also experienced some other unexplained phenomena in that trailer. It was getting a little too scary for us. We only stayed living in that trailer for 10 days and moved out as quickly as we could.

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I think my daughters and I somehow attract the unexplained, paranormal, whatever you want to call it, because we have encountered several more experiences with the paranormal that were scary. Thankfully, it has been almost a year that we have not encountered anything. We have seen things that no one would believe.

Malicious Little Creatures! - IMDb

Prayer and faith have kept us safe. I grew up in the countryside of southwest France, and today I am 48 years old. As far as I can remember, I always saw these beings.

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  • We also heard their music. They are very numerous in the thickets, woods, and forests. Do not try to meet them, for they will come to you.

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    • I played with them as a kid. Many are small. They do not live on the same plane of existence, but in worlds in-between. Moreover, it changed my life, but I do not care when I go into the forests. Sometime during the month of August, , I was at a place called Pymatuning Park in Pennsylvania, picnicking with my family. I was ten. I had wandered off alone into the nearby forest and was looking at all the trees.

      I was walking around when I heard the sound of music. I followed it until I reached a clearing. Like a scene from a movie, sitting on an old stump on the edge of the clearing was a little boy.