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Exp Psychol —7 to perception of straight ahead orientation. J Exp Psychol — cation of object orientation. Taylor perimentally confirmed mathematical model.

A case of sory input on motor function in patients with chronic stroke. Ann disturbed calculation. Neuroforum — the superior colliculus of the rhesus monkey: evidence for a gaze Flor H, Elbert T Maladaptive consequences of cortical reorgan- displacement command. J Neurophysiol — ization in humans. Cereb Cortex —27 tual correlate of cortical reorganization after arm amputation.

Paulin, Paris specific foods. Parietal lobe: from action organization to intention understand- Deuticke, Wien Leipzig ing. Map — versus landmark-based Freund HJ Abnormalities of motor behavior after cortical navigation of novel shortcuts. J Neurosci — nosia for hemiplegia. Brain — Implicit awareness in anosognosia for hemiplegia: unconscious interference without conscious representation. Springer, Berlin, S — genation or flow?

NMR Biomed —53 processing. Neuroimage —30 logical and syntactic violations. Cerebellum — Review guistic complexity and grammaticality in the left frontal cortex. Cerebellum — meaning: The syntax-semantic interface. J Exp metropsia following prestriate lesion. Eur J Neurosci interocular rivalry. Cortex —55 subtraction. Neuroimage — of neuropsychology, Bd 3.

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Gainotti G A metanalysis of impaired and spared naming for Neuroimage — different categories of knowledge in patients with a visuo-verbal Frith C The self in action: Lessons from delusions of control. Cross-modal Frith U, Frith CD Development and neurophysiology of men- recognition disorders for persons and other unique entities in talizing.

Evidence from functional of superior olivary nuclei. Brain — Gall FJ Sur les fonctions du cerveau. Trends Cogn Sci — eye movements.

Verhaltens- und emotionale Störungen mit Beginn in der Kindheit und Jugend | SpringerLink

Brain — out aphasia following a right temporal lobe lesion. Percep- ible inactivation experiments. Neuropsy- parietal lobule. Proc Natl Acad Sci neglect, and the influence of upright vs. Neuropsychologia Gani C, Birbaumer N, Strehl U Long term effects after feedback — of slow coritcal potentials and of theta-beta-amplitudes in chil- Fuster JM The prefrontal cortex. Int J Bioelec- neuropsychology of the frontal lobe, 2.

Science — hemiplegia. Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry — be dissociated from object recognition? Computational models — of sensorimotor integration. Else- pression deficit in the early stages of cortical visual memory vier, Amsterdam, S — processing. Nat Neurosci states: a comparison of clinical features and functional outcome. Curr Biol — cognitive neuroscience and neuropathology. Cambridge Univ Press, New York ment of individuals with disorders of consciousness. Definition and diagnostic creiteria. Neurology — detection and compensation.

Psychol Science — Geiger J The third man factor. Brain Gibson JJ Perceptual learning.

Nat Rev Neurosci — tion coding of movement direction. Nature — the neuronal population vector. Curr Biol R— following traumatic brain injury. Brain — of well recovered patients after capsular stroke. Brain — Gillner S, Mallot HA Navigation and acquisition of spatial Gerstmann J Problem of imperception of disease and of knowledge in a virtual maze. J Cogn Neurosci — impaired body territories with organic lesions.

Arch Neurol Psychiatry — homing in the absence of feature-based landmark information.

Neuro- Geschwind N Disconnexion syndromes in animals and man. Biological Central mechanisms in phantom limb perception: the past, mechanisms, associations, and pathology: I. A hypothesis and present and future. Brain Res Rev — a program for research.

Trends Neurosci — in temporal speech region. Neurology large injections of horseradish peroxidase in the pontine nuclei. Gauthier-Villars, Paris lesions. Neuropsychologia Goldman-Rakic PS Cellular and circuit basis of working memory — in prefrontal cortex of nonhuman primates. Hrsg Progress in brain research, Bd natural environments: on land and underwater. Br J Psychol Vision Research — functional architecture for understanding human mentation and the central executive. Brain — hemiplegia: an electrophysiologic investigation of the feed-for- Golla H, Thier P, Haarmeier T Disturbed overt but normal covert ward hypothesis.

Neurology — shifts of attention in adult cerebellar patients. In Perecman E The frontal of combinations of biomarkers, cognitive markers, and risk factors lobes revisited. J Neurol Neurosurg make predictive judgments. Hrsg Lehrbuch der klinischen Neuropsychologie.


Vision Res Goldenberg G b Matching and imitation of hand and finger 51 13 — postures in patients with damage in the left or right hemisphere. Trends Cogn Sci control of pantomimed and natural grasping movements. Neuro- Goldenberg G, Hagmann S The meaning of meaningless psychologia — gestures: A study of visuo-imitative apraxia.

Neuropsychologia Goodglass H, Kaplan E Disturbance of gesture and pantomime — in aphasia. Neuropsychol Rehabil — Evidence from a case of acquired dysgraphia. Science — can tell: Inhibitory effects of visuo-semantic activation on Gott PS Language after dominant hemispherectomy. J Neurol modality specific visual misnaming.

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J Neurosci — narrow conceptual tuning in the human frontal lobes. Neurology — 42 fibrils. Neuro- — eine Fallstudie. Spektrum, in neuropsychiatric disorders. Cereb Cortex — ventral prefrontal cortex. Cort Integ — Rechenschwierigkeiten bei Aphasie. Macmillan, Houndsmill Grafman J Acalculia. J Physiol — tive flexibility and empathy after frontal lobe lesion. J Physiol — conjecture with commentary.

Cogn Process 10 Suppl 1 : reflects global stimulus properties. Science — flow state enhanced with sensory-motor rhythm neurofeedback Graziano MS, Taylor CSR, Moore T Complex movements comparing ecologically valid immersive VR and training screen evoked by microstimulation of precentral cortex. Neuron — scenarios. Nat Neurosci — tal cortex disrupts on-line adjustments during aiming move- ments. Ipsen, Paris, S 17—26 nance imaging.

Trends Gregory RL Perceptual illusion and brain models. Duck- tence reading: visual input affects central processes. Neuropsychologia — related posttraumatic stress disorder. Nat Neurosci ible arms. Brain — object-selective activation correlate with recognition perform- Haarmeier T, Thier P Impaired analysis of moving objects due ance in humans. Nat Neurosci — to deficient smooth pursuit eye movements. Klaus Poeck. Nervenarzt — poral context on color categories and color constancy.

Curr Biol — memory research traditions.