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But is it just the house Charlie stares at with longing? Scott watches as Charlie eyes Annie, too—smiling just a little too broadly, holding his glance just a little too long.

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And he wonders. At night, Scott begins to hear prowlers in the woods behind Foxglove and has a security system installed. Charlie storms up the driveway, demanding the workers stop putting holes in his house. But they do love each other, and they work at their relationship.

The Intruder - Movie Review

Annie knows that selling the house was hard on Charlie. So she makes an effort to be friendly to him, inviting him over to Thanksgiving dinner and showing him little acts of kindness. She wants to be friends. But he too tries to give Charlie the benefit of the doubt. Articles of clothing are removed, and the couple kisses and caresses in their underwear. Later, the two have sex on the living room floor, between a Christmas tree and a fireplace. They kiss and canoodle elsewhere, too.

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We glimpse Annie in the shower, albeit from the side and through frosted glass. We learn that their relationship weathered at least one instance of infidelity. Though it happened before they were married, that betrayal still impacts their relationship. Scott smiles awkwardly and immediately leaves for home. Annie and other women wear tight, and sometimes revealing, clothing.

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We see her take a bath from the shoulders up. Charlie spies Annie in the shower and strips off his shirt, as if preparing to jump in with her.

Later, Charlie attacks Annie and throws her down on a bed, lying on top of her while he partially pulls up her shirt with his teeth and licks her neck and face. He also leers at her uncomfortably the camera also lingers, focusing its own unblinking gaze on her jeans-clad posterior quite often, with the ogling growing evermore uncomfortable for viewers.

Someone is killed via an ax blow to the midsection. Two people die both off screen from shotgun shells to the head. We see red stains in the wallpaper around a door frame—residue, Scott believes, from an alleged suicide that took place in the room. A corpse is found in what appears to be a large freezer. The pun seems unintended.

The first time Scott and Annie see Charlie, ironically, is right after Charlie has killed a deer in the woods behind his house. He shoots the animal twice, once at close range, and carts around the carcass for a couple of scenes before he hangs it up in a shed to dress it. A guy gets hit by a truck and is sent to the hospital. Someone falls from a story or two up onto glass furniture.

We see people hit each other and violently wrestle. One character chokes another. On television, Scott and Annie watch a nature documentary where a pack of lions attack a zebra. One f-word and half a dozen s-words. One character smokes, and Charlie seems to do want to do so as well even though he hasn't smoked for 30 years. Instead of driving, though, Scott walks across the street to a bar and confronts Charlie—drinking down two shots of tequila as he makes some rather polarizing, alcohol-fueled remarks.

Wine, champagne and beer are consumed elsewhere, too. We see lots of bottles of liquor at a fancy shindig. Scott goes out to drink with some clients at a noisy bar. The Intruder is a brand of suspense horror that encourages robust audience participation. But really, calling movies like this suspense isn't even very accurate.

To a violent, life-or-death finale, of course. And so moviegoers moan and groan and gasp at these protagonists' collective cluelessness.

The Intruder

Admittedly, The Intruder is a reasonably well-made, by-the-book thriller. Deon Taylor. Paul Asay. Plugged In helps college student stand-up for his belief "Thanks for the great job you do in posting movie and television reviews online. No Rating Available. Watch This Review. We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well.

Movie Review "Home is where the heart is," the throw pillows tell us. Did I mention that Charlie also owns lots of guns? Spiritual Content None.

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Violent Content Someone is killed via an ax blow to the midsection. Tensions rise between Scott and Annie due to Scott's coldness toward Charlie, and when Annie discovers that Scott met some clients at a bar.

Bloody Disgusting!

It is revealed that before marrying Annie, he had cheated on her with a client at a bar. At the bar, one of the clients kisses Scott and he realizes that Annie was right to be worried. He returns home immediately, but has an argument with Annie. They reconcile after they both wake in the middle of the night from a noise, and have sex on the floor, unaware Charlie is watching. A neighbor reveals to Scott that Charlie's wife killed herself with Charlie's shotgun, and Scott asks Mike to investigate him.

Charlie develops an obsession with Annie and begins visiting the home when Scott is gone. One day, while Scott is jogging, Charlie hits him with his truck. In the hospital, Scott calls Mike, who explains that Charlie had lived with his wife Ellen and daughter Cassidy, but was deeply in debt and forced to sell the house.

Charlie shows up at the house and Annie invites him inside. Mike goes to check on her and is confronted by Charlie, who declares that he has a chance to get back all that he lost and must get rid of Scott. Charlie kills Mike with an axe. Scott contacts Cassidy, who has changed her name, and asks about her mother's suicide.

She explains that Charlie killed Ellen after she threatened to divorce him and take the house, and she now lives as far away from Charlie as she could get, and if he were ever to show up, she would kill him.