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The ground is a wild confusion of jagged rocks, no part of it being quite level, and on every side deeper fisures are indicated by a still denser gloom.

by Bernard Shaw

Woglinde circles with graceful swimming movements round the central rock. Similar books.

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Black Lives, Black Words. Occupational Hazzards. The Greeks, he believed, had developed a kind of communal art-as-therapy where the polis came together to celebrate and reflect upon what had sustained and nurtured them both as individuals and as a community. Moreover, their theatre had also involved a successful combination of all the arts: poetry, drama, costume, dance, music, song.

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  5. This was no mere historical observation but was instead, he believed, a sign of a larger societal decay. For him, opera in particular had become little more than entertainment for the weary professional classes, a frivolous and vulgar manifestation of a world becoming inexorably estranged from itself.

    Well, the convoluted plot is principally derived from a collection German mythical stories called the Nibelungenlied , a sort of Northern European version of the Iliad. Like its Greek counterpart, it involves gods and mortals incestuously interacting with one another in the manner of one colossal dysfunctional family and, taken out of context, the tale appears like many opera plots before and since to border on the ridiculous.

    So too, however, do many of our classic myths, so we should not be concerned by this fact.

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    The Ring is not meant to be realist drama, but rather a drama-as-allegory. In effect The Ring ends up becoming one vast symphonic drama, with the orchestra as its most important character.

    The broad details of the plot will be already familiar to those who have read or seen The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J. Both works involve giants and dwarfs and such-like, and concern rings that corrupt the wearer while giving him or her mastery over the world. Both, indeed, are also implied critiques of industrialised capitalist society. For those wanting to know more of the plot in finer detail, a great place to start is with two clever on-line resources; a two-and-a-half minute yes, almost times shorter than the actual Ring plot summary see video above recently prepared by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and the justly famous comic but ultimately reverential analysis by the English-Canadian singer and comedienne Anna Russell, below:.

    Performances of the sold-out Melbourne Ring Cycle take place until December 13,