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Alone, ever so, in the dark corners of her mind. She muses. She doubts. Love is but a myth to her Unconscious Life. Life is to hard to live Money is to hard give But we do it anyways you never know it saves to pay In all kinds of ways and Personal Storm.

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As I stand bravely in front of thousands My body starts trembling with fear and thoughts I try to calm myself down But Can You Hear Me Now? I sit here letting out silent pleas With the blood that I bleed. I cut myself, once again, Hoping that it will cause my Sanity Subverted. In Memorandum : There were signs. A lot of them. Sanity was distorted. Everyone focused on one, one focused on everyone. Blood shutter eyes.

Toxicity of me. What's real? The tree coming through the walls? The hand reached out towards me? Or are they all in my head? I've never felt Is it just inevitable that we grow up?

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Or is it a label that we have collectively agreed upon? Or are people just so eager My grandfather is my family hero, And nothing less than my superhero When the cancer had come along, I knew where I did All I've Lost. Hate never silenced her wordsAnd compliments never brought about changeAll she ever did was binge and purgeBut her mind Growing up in That feeling of uselessness Unable to fulfill the desires of them What did they want of a child in the first place?

My Friend, ED. I needed a friend My Voice. I'm writing It seems pointless sometimes to That Scared Four Letter Word. A smiling face A cheerful laugh She seems happy But it never lasts She goes to bed But she can't sleep The depression hits Who are You? Realize What is Real.

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She'll never know the pain behind your eyesShe'll never see the damsel in disguiseShe'll never know the truth that lies The Pain of Yesterday. The pain of yesterday is calling my name today, Promising me pain today, Just like I felt yesterday. Through the Storm. Thankyou anxiety! He's on his knees.

He's lost everything. All this pain, is inside him- boiling. His wife slaughtered and raped, as well as The fear of it all. Peace of Mind on the Shoreline. Breathing in the fresh salty breeze I'm invincible on that shoreline. The waves come up and brush my bare feet As I run I sat there waiting to be hugged by the sweet arms of death. I sat there awaiting the clock to strike twelve and for my You are Bound. Who's loss is it really? One cut That's all it takes. For the addiction to start.

Five years have passed. The collection of scars has grown.

This is not one of my 'phases'. Everything just feels so screwed up right now. Day goes by without knowledge of it Day goes by just living it Day goes by doing what we know and love Day goes by doing I Have a Name. Anticipation At A Red Light. Rolling up, almost past the barrier. Brakes Squeal and cars jerk in place.

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My heart beat is still in a race! The Need to Know: Why? Contorted and transformed into something that cannot be explained. White to Black. When I was younger, I used to think I could trick my mind and body into loving the feeling of pain. So that instead of agony Sonnet It's all tears from here-- A one way-ticket to eternal heartache.

Darling, you're the only one I can fear-- The one who can Life called home. We are taught In this life To keep breathing To continue with moving motion Of our hands correlating with our feet parading Like waste my life reeks Of things that could be done But never did Because here I am Typing away worthless words Still more I feel like I am trapped in a box with my thoughts keeping me from smiling with the fake ness of my laughter coming out the Poetry is my tool for.

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Poetry is my tool for expression and stress relief. Here is my poem which is a debate I have within myself where I claim When unforgiveness lives in us, it eats us up alive It takes so much wasted energy and time so precious and so short To The War in Me. Beowulf versus Grendel A classic tale of battle, which continues in me. My Grendel has terrorized me for years, Sinking her Now or Later? Seeing things in different ways, is giving life a perspective. You don't have to be blind, if you can't see them..

I sat here alone in the silence. I sat here alone and waited for her. I waited for her light in this darkness.

For my Three Words. With you I am at my best. But I would never dare speak—I would It's very hard to figure out what i need most from my family to the many marvelous friends that i have but somthing that Once upon a time…. I met a princess A special Princess, a rich princess, a smart princess, a kind princess A bam spankin' I Am Of Stars. You are insignificant, But only slightly. You are one person out of an infinite amount of creatures.

You are also the only Two sad boys none knew were falling They fell so damn fast. The world beat them so hard- They had no chance. They left Sanity Now I feel as if I'm inside of the looking glass my eyes are set on the beholder but are his on mine? I have to What lays Ahead.


Was born from a mother's wound. Almost died as she opened her eyes.

Felt a thing around the neck. She always looked for a silver lining But never thought it would be a silver razor One side dull The other thin, sharp Why cut? Why do you do it? Why do you put yourself in so much pain?

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Why do you put me in pain? You may not realize it, but every The World Around Me. The world around me is like a prison Capturing the demons that live within it Torturing their bodies, invading their souls To Reap A Seed. There was never a time, never a place Never a moment that was not erased. All Out of Time. My Name Is Society. You are the little girl who wants to be A doctor one day To put on a white gown and a pair of squeaky clean shoes To save People always told me, That my best friends could become my enemies.

Too bad nobody warned me about my family. In my time It's not just physical. The teachers don't care Care about whether or not you're suffering Suffering not just on the outside, but on the inside Eleven years old, and I feel like I've lost my soul. Sitting alone, miles from my home, everything has been taken away The beautiful Nightmare of my Life. Success for those who aren't the greatest.