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I agree with the others - Greece is remarkably safe, especially for women alone. Just watch the body language of the women you see walking on the streets, there's no tension to be found at all. I suggest that instead of wearing shorts over your bikini you wear a long gauzy skirt, it feels much more glamorous and will show you to be a visitor who has respect for the culture. Always a nice way to be seen. The only things I can think of to warn you against are pick-pockets watch your bag , and the lace tablecloth ladies, some of whom have an extra artificial hand holding the tablecloth so that they can pick your pocket with their real hand hiding under the cloth.

Just wave them off before they get too close to you, and go back to enjoying yourself. It is a regular thing to look at a hotel room before your check in to it, and also to enter the kitchen of a taverna to see what's on offer. Just say Parakalo, with the accent on the lo, please and point to the kitchen door and you'll be warmly welcomed.

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Don't expect to receive any dish really hot, except for french fries. The Greeks, like others in the Med, consider really hot food to be hard on the system in such a hot country. Also, you'll notice that the Greeks graze - a little bit of this, a small plate of that I expect that after you have been to Greece once, you will be anxious to return, so be sure to keep your travel journal and make a list of the things you'll want to do on your next trip.

I can assure you that you wiil be totally safe in Greece and the islands. There is a huge "offer" from many women who chose to include a little adventure on their Holidays and there are many blue eyes blondies here I am one and you feel safe from any threat especially in islands and tourist areas. I have travelled alone many times and I always was feeling totally safe, it is you you put the limites.

It is normal to have a proposal but its on you to accept or not and also it perfectly Ok to have a drink with someone, have a chat and then say goodnight.

Visit Greece - The DON'Ts of Visiting Greece

Last year in Amorgos , for instance my husband and I were in a bar and the owner brought a French girl to sit with us and we all had a great time and she who was'nt alone, that depens on the place, that can not happen in a formal Restaurant. It is easy to find company if you want or stay alone. I never felt uncomfortably travelling in Greece alone, maybe because I know the language, the habits, the possibility of danger or not. Abroad it happened to me to have problem, for example in Copenhagen every time that I was dinning alone always someone approached me but they were very polite.

In France never. In Greece its possible if you staring on someone,or your body language shows that you are willing, otherwise no problem. On the contrary I think that most of people will be polite to help you in anything,greeks are gentle with women and make a woman's life easier they will help you to get in and on boats, cars , carrying you luggages, show you the way to somewhere and many others, they just want to help nothing more sometimes they do.

Welcome in Greece, have a really great time, see on your own and then it will be you that will reassure others. I do not need to repeat what every one else has said, but I can. Greece is one of the best places for a single female traveller to spend time. As a precaution though, and from my experience, there will be tourists from other countries who it is best to be wary of and avoid. No particular nationality springs to mind. Not only Greek men will be in Greece.

So, where you sense or feel a situation that engneders some uneasy feelings, avoid it where possible. Use your inner senses and stay aware and alert if alone say, late at night, or in a sparsely populated area. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

These are Santorini's seasons and how crowded, warm and expensive the island will be. One of the ways to get to Santorini is by a ferry from Athens but it's not the best way as you will be wasting a lot of time. A 1 hr flight from Athens is much better. How To Book flight and ferry tickets to Santorini? Santorini's airport waiting area to get on board. It's a small tiny airport that doesn't have proper amenities. If you are visiting Santorini in the low season November-April you might only have the option to fly to Athens and then take a 45mins flight to Santorini check Expedia for all the available options So, basically your options are:.

What Is The Caldera? Caldera is the sea lagoon that was created by the volcano thousands of years ago. All the famous views in Santorini, overlook the caldera and it is the most expensive area to stay. To be more precise it is an active volcano! Caldera is the sea lagoon that has been created since then. Here is an amazing video showing what happened:. Fira Oia Firostefani Imerovigli Akrotiri. Yes, it is. Also, a day trip from Athens to Cairo is possible, to go and check the pyramids. Jokes aside, there is no point of rushing such a day trip. Take things easy and enjoy every trip you make if possible.

Mykonos is famous for its parties but it's not just a party island. Santorini on the other hand has many more things to do and see This is a dilemma that any people have. They are both amazing islands but: Mykonos is quite a party island with very nice and long sandy beaches no sandy beaches in Santorini unfortunately.

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Best Greek Islands Near Santorini. There are literally hundreds of greek islands around Santorini but are not all accesible through a flight or a ferry boat. Anafi the only one that a daytrip is possible Ios 2hrs ferry from Santorini Naxos 3 hrs ferry from Santorini Mykonos 2 hrs ferry from Santorini Folegandros 1 hr ferry from Santorini Milos 2 hrs ferry from Santorini Paros 2 hrs ferry from Santorini. Best Sunset Views in Santorini.

Santorini's sunsets are famous and that means you probably have to share the views with other people You won't be the only one driving a quad in Santorini but it's definitely a fun thing to do not very safe though. But you have to be aware that it is not the safest thing to drive. Do I Need Cash? However, cash is always king in Greece You should always contact your bank to find out what the charges will be. So , these are the things you should know about your money in Santorini:.

Can I move around with the local buses in Santorini? Fira is the main local bus hub of Santorini and the place where all buses depart and finish their route to anywhere else on the island.

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The longest distance that a local bus does is a 30 mins drive. There are hundreds of rental car companies in Santorini but the best thing you can do is to book it online before you arrive at the island. It is the advice I alwys give to people visitin ghte island for more than days. Here are a few things to be aware for driving in Santorini:. That applies to the wineasting you might do while in Santorini.

Better take the taxi or the local bus to go back home… there are lots of police patrols all over the island too. People getting ready to hop on one of the sunset and volcano cruise boats at Athinios port. This is the single best thing you can do while in Santorini! Watching a movie under the stars at Kamari Open Air Cinema is one of the best things you can do during summer in Santorini May-September.

Wine tasting and a wine tour is one of the best things you can do while in Santorini. Even if you don't like wine most of the wineries offer fantastic views and yummy greek snacks! These are the best wine tours of the island:.

Athens Hotels and Places to Stay

There are plenty of groceries shops and even large chain stores like Lidl in Santorini here you can find both local and non-local products. If you want to shop …then Fira town is the place to be. Oia also has a selection of some very interesting art and handcraft shops as well. Is Santorini family and kids friendly? Is it Safe?

If you visit Santorini with kids then you should stay close to the beach as the kids will love it! Santorini and Greece are extremely kids and family friendly. The Best Family Hotels in Santorini are:. So, there you have them. Highest Rated Hotels in Santorini:. Highest Rated Villas in Santorini:. Our Readers said:. Who Are We:. We consider ourselves the tipsters of this magical place, called Greece.

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See more at www. We've got that too! We take care of the details: flights, hotels, additional arrangements, insurance. Women Recommend Us. Come take a look at our exciting new destinations for ! Contact us for more information, itineraries and pricing: Stockler Expeditions — — stocklers usa.