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Walt realizes that Gus is trying to groom Gale as his replacement, meaning his life is at risk, so he secretly meets with Jesse and asks him to find out where Gale lives.

Daniela Rojas (20), Veracruz

Once Jesse finds Gale's apartment, Walt sets out to kill him, but Victor stops him and brings him to the lab, where Mike is waiting. Walt asks Mike to let him call Jesse and convince him to come to the lab, but instead Walt tells Jesse to kill Gale. Victor rushes to Gale's apartment, but Jesse arrives first and fatally shoots Gale. Gus arrives at the lab, where Walt and Jesse have been secured by Victor and Mike. Knowing he was recognized at Gale's apartment, Victor fears for his life and attempts to show his continued usefulness to Gus by beginning to cook meth, which he learned how to do while guarding Walt and Jesse.

Walt begs for Gus to spare them, but they are shocked when Gus slices open Victor's neck and lets him bleed to death in front of them. Gus calmly tells Walt and Jesse to get back to work, and increases oversight in the lab by installing security cameras and having Mike and Tyrus watch them while they work. Mike suggests to Gus that they may be able to drive a wedge between Walt and Jesse. Mike takes Jesse out of the lab to help pick up dead drops and carry out other tasks, and arranges for Jesse to foil a pre-planned attack on him, which boosts Jesse's confidence and increases his sense of loyalty to Mike and Gus.

Gus is impressed by Jesse's mettle, and has Mike involve him in more work outside the lab. Worried about their safety, Walt gives Jesse a cigarette with a capsule of ricin hidden inside and tells him to poison Gus when he gets the chance, but Jesse does not follow through. Gus arranges to meet with Don Eladio and the other cartel leaders to work out the differences that have caused the cartel to disrupt Gus' business and he brings Mike and Jesse with him.

Jesse cooks a superior batch of meth and Gus offers to have him stay in Mexico and work for the cartel. Jesse is apprehensive, but the offer is a ruse. During the party at Eladio's house to celebrate their rapprochement, Gus tricks Don Eladio and most of the other cartel leaders into drinking from a poisoned bottle of tequila. Gus takes the first drink to alleviate suspicion, but forces himself to vomit afterwards.

During the fight that ensues after cartel leaders begin dying from the poison's effects, Jesse helps the ill Gus and wounded Mike escape, killing Hector's last living grandson, Joaquin Salamanca, in the process. He brings them to the makeshift hospital Gus had previously arranged, where both receive treatment. After recovering, Gus returns to Albuquerque and taunts Hector, telling him the cartel leaders are all dead, and that because of Joaquin's death, the Salamanca family line ends with Hector.

Jesse is no longer loyal to Walt and refuses to serve as his protector. Considering his life at risk, Walt attempts to kill Gus with a pipe bomb attached to his car, but Gus senses something amiss and walks away from the vehicle. Panicked, Walt recovers the bomb and hides at his home. After unsuccessfully attempting to enlist Jesse in aiding him to kill Gus, Walt poisons Brock, the son of Jesse's girlfriend Andrea and convinces him Gus is responsible.

Jesse agrees to help Walt and tells him about Gus' routine, including his visits to Hector at the nursing home. Walt convinces Hector to help him by promising him final revenge on Gus. Hector pretends to have turned informant to the DEA. Gus visits Hector to find out why he was at the DEA office. Hector refuses to acknowledge Gus as Gus prepares to kill him with a lethal injection. Before Gus administers the shot, Hector suddenly turns to face him, stares at him intently and repeatedly rings the bell on his wheelchair.

WITNESS: Life in Mexico's deadliest drug war city - Reuters

Too late, Gus sees that the bell is attached to the detonator on the pipe bomb Walt placed on Hector's wheelchair. The resulting explosion kills Hector, Gus, and Tyrus.

The continuing investigation into Gus' death reaches his restaurant business and the destroyed superlab, which Walt and Jesse burned after Gus died. Knowing that the security camera recordings stored on Gus' laptop can incriminate them, Walt, Jesse, and Mike use an electromagnet outside the police station to erase the laptop's hard drive while it is in the police evidence room. The police recover the account numbers and access codes for the offshore accounts Gus previously set up to pay his employees for their silence and seize the accounts.

Mike, Walt, and Jesse partner in a new meth business, with Mike continuing to pay Gus' former employees out of his share of the profits in order to assure their continued silence.

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When police successfully interdict these payments, Walt fears his identity will be exposed and attempts to obtain the employees' names from Mike so he can have them killed. When Mike refuses, Walt kills him. Walt then obtains the names from Lydia Rodart-Quayle and has Gus' former employees killed in prison before they can reveal his identity, effectively bringing an end to Gus' drug distribution empire. Initially, Giancarlo Esposito was offered a character that was described to him as "very admirable, very polite", and he decided to play that character as if he had "some kind of a secret".

Without knowing what that secret was, Esposito understood the potential Gus had as a growing character, therefore rejecting offers for guest appearances and insisting on becoming a series regular. The humanity of Gus's personality played an integral role in his development, [5] The loss of Max contributed to Gus's evolution into a ruthless criminal; he stops at nothing to avenge Max's death, including the gradual killing of Hector's entire family.

The loss of Max also cultivated Gus's desire to create a new "family" by empowering his meth empire, as well as the chicken restaurants. Esposito saw it as an important gesture of "when a person goes to what they've always done Gus' popularity, as well as his importance to the series' development, made room for possible "flashback" type appearances in future episodes, [3] [8] but that idea never came to fruition until when Gus was brought back for season 3 of Better Call Saul.

Paste ranked Fring number 3 in its list of the 20 Best Characters of Although the character of Gus Fring and Esposito's performance have generally been well-received by critics, some native Spanish speakers have criticized the actor's stilted and unnatural accent when speaking Spanish. A NPR article focusing on representations of Spanish and Spanglish in American television singled out the character of Fring, with one fan saying he was "so painful to listen to" and that it made them angry that "such a pivotal and fantastic character would have such a giant, noticeable, nails-on-a-chalkboard flaw.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character in the television drama series Breaking Bad.

Drug cartels in Oregon: Violence in the Northwest

Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring. Breaking Bad : " Face Off " Meth distributor Drug kingpin Boss of the Albuquerque mafia Fast food restaurant chain co-founder and proprietor Industrial laundry owner.

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    See inside the lavish, gaudy and lethal world of Mexico's most feared narcos, as posted to their own cartel Instagram accounts. Like this gallery?

    31 Crazy Narco Instagram Photos Posted By Mexico’s Most Feared Drug Cartels

    Share it: Share Tweet Email. The children of fugitive drug lord El Chapo are thought to have started the trend for cartels showing off on Instagram. Their extravagant lifestyle certainly seems to back this up. Often posted with hashtags like NarcoStyle and NarcoOficial, the pictures display extreme opulence, often paired with drugs, cash or weapons. The El Chapo kids' posts ignited a competition between the various cartels.

    More and more photos began appearing, all aimed at proving who had the most expensive cars….

    The trafficking of firearms is a 'go-to issue' for US and Mexican officials

    Gold is a common motif in the series, with many narcos choosing to decorate their weapons in precious metals. These gold-plated guns are often shown off as accessories while their owners lounge poolside Big cats, the perfect representation of lethal extravagance, are also popular with the cartels. They often appear alongside luxury cars or attractive women, often looking horribly sedated.